A young couple in Shanghai live with low desires. Four people squeeze into a 49-square-meter cabin and plan to lie flat for 20 years with 1.3 million yuan. What's the status quo?
A young couple in Shanghai live with low desires. Four people squeeze into a 49-square-meter cabin and plan to lie flat for 20 years with 1.3 million yuan. What's the status quo?
Try to wear simple clothes and do some subtraction to make life simple and transparent.


how much do you think you need to save before you can retire gracefully?

this is a popular vote on Weibo. Some people choose 1 million, some say at least 2 million to 5 million, and there are more than 5 million candidates.

A 36-year-old couple in Shanghai, with their 6-year-old daughter, started a "retirement" experiment.

they answered this question with practice, and it may not be money that matters.


@ Alex

and his wife, both from Shanghai, made financial statistics before deciding to "retire".

1.3 million savings, you can get 4, 000 yuan in financial management every month.

two apartments, one with a 49-square-meter loft to live in and the other for rent, with a monthly income of 10, 000.

that is to say, when the couple don't work at all, they still earn 14,000 yuan a month.

in terms of fixed expenses, I pay my aunt 7,000 yuan a month, my daughter's interest class is 1,000, and the household and shopping expenses of two cats for four people are 6,000, so my income and expenditure is just right.

as long as they live frugally, their savings will be enough for them to live for 20 years.


@ Alex

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plan is actually very risky, especially in a high-consumption city like Shanghai.

they have hesitated because of this, but what happened in the past few years has made up their minds.

when the e-commerce shop closed down, I couldn't pick up the courage to work for others or start a business at this age. Coupled with the death of my father, many poems and distances that I wanted to take the elderly to realize were lost, and became a lifelong regret.

he sighed with emotion:

"in a twinkling of an eye, we are no longer young people, and our physical strength and resistance also feel a marked decline. I can't roll it, and I don't want to roll it again. "

now I try to slow down and realize:

"after retiring at the age of 36, I seem to have stolen a lot of time. I don't worry, I don't panic, and I feel every moment at ease."

wake up, love, children and cats are all around, the sun is pouring on the body, and finally feel the meaning of life.

have time to carefully cook a lunch, re-treat the past casually deal with two mouthfuls, do not know the smell of the body.

finally have time to achieve the word "accompany", take my daughter to the park, go on a picnic, spend time watching the branches sprouting, playing eagles to catch chickens.

this feeling of solidity and relaxation after taking off the "shackles" is unprecedented.

although life has been saved, the happiness and joy within reach make Alex feel very much:

"the most important thing in life is not how much money you have, but where your desires are."

@ Alex

reminds me of FIRE Life, a group with more than 200,000 members on Douban.

this "FIRE" does not mean "fire the boss of the company", but means "financial independence and early retirement".

it advocates reducing desire, living a simple life, saving money hard, managing money reasonably, earning enough living expenses for retirement as soon as possible, and pursuing the life you really want.


@ Pippi

, announced his formal retirement in February last year.

before retiring, she worked as an event planner at school, and was squeezed by the constant influx of work every day, using endless overtime in exchange for a cowardly fee of 10,000 yuan.

after being a social animal for a long time, Pippi found out that she had severe depression and walked out of the hospital. She finally decided:

"Life can't go on like this. I should catch my breath for a while."

with 300000 of her savings, she quit her job and began a budget-conscious retirement.

in front of the house is the vegetable market. Pippi is usually bought one week at a time and distributed on a daily basis when he comes back.

jog a few laps around the artificial lake in the community in the morning. When you get home, take out a plate of toast and a glass of milk, which is breakfast.

lunch is the most common combination of meat, eggs and milk. It is nutritious and fun to cook by yourself.

travel depends on the subway and seldom takes a taxi.

after the simplification of life, Pippi found that even clothes had become "the most unnecessary thing in life". Several sets of ready-made clothes were enough and there was no need to buy any more.

after retiring, Pippi said:

"even the sun is better than usual."

according to statistics, Pippi's cost of living for a week is only 150 yuan.

she admits that after she is used to living a life with low material desires, she simply doesn't want to be too happy.

"this is not restraint, but really do not want to buy.

I no longer need to recognize my worth by listening to the outside world. The life of low material desire has already achieved my strong and peaceful heart, as well as a stable and prosperous state of mind. "

most of us live in a hurry.

those who earn less struggle to earn more, the more they earn, the more they have the desire to spend money on pleasure, and the more they spend, the more they will earn.

every day is like a hamster running wheels in a cage, trying so hard that there is no end to it.

like a machine, I clock in on time every day, miss the time with my family, and have no opportunity to see the world. I just mechanically repeat yesterday and can't see tomorrow.

31 years old

@ ecstasy

before pressing the pause button, I never thought that I could rest my life like a top.

she is also in Shanghai. After she was promoted from copywriter to content director, her career came to an end and reached a bottleneck.

looking back on every day in the past, 80% were occupied by work, and the remaining 20% were retaliatory entertainment. I was busy and dizzy every day.

after a few months of working from home, she began to reflect: what kind of life is worth living in just a few decades?

having calculated that I had 200000 of my savings, I decided to go back to my hometown and give myself a year's rest to replan my future.

from big cities to rural areas, there is indeed a big gap in material life.

you can't have a cup of milk tea, no takeout, no light and wine for recreation, but your spiritual life is much richer.

by reading books, watching plays, applying for IELTS and reading all kinds of materials, she finally has the time and energy to precipitate herself.

in particular, no longer retaliatory consumption, no longer paralyze yourself with entertainment.

do not watch exhibitions, do not go shopping, do not clock in online celebrity stores, do not drink bungee disco life, surprisingly good, unexpectedly more comfortable and comfortable.

I spend 6000 yuan a month in Shanghai, but when I get home, I can spend less than 1000 yuan a month, and I can still be with my family. That kind of fullness and satisfaction cannot be bought with money.

most importantly, her state of mind has been turned upside down.

in the past, I always felt that we must leave the village and go to a bigger, farther and wider place.

when I came back, I found that what matters is not where you go, but your own value.

"in front of you, you are constantly absorbing and growing, while your precipitation may be the embodiment of your ultimate value."

it is really rare to return to a free and thinking person from a screw that can be slaughtered and replaced at will.

in the ancient books, there is a kind of bug called "tiny f".

they are very fond of carrying things, and when they encounter bugs or plants when they crawl, they always grab them and carry them on their backs.

things are getting heavier and heavier, and finally they are overwhelmed and unable to get up.

some people pity him and take the things off his back, but the baby will still grab it and carry it on his back as before.

it also likes to climb high, and refuses to stop with all its strength, so that it falls to its death on the ground.

much like us.

looking back, too many people in their lives have been burdened with things they don't need, physically and mentally exhausted.

when I came home from work and looked in the mirror, my face was expressionless and my spirit disappeared little by little.

can we be ourselves as freely and easily as they do in the article, when we save up to the same amount of money?

not necessarily.

but you can get some thinking from their lives.

maybe it is to see life more thoroughly, maybe it is to stop fawning over the people you don't like, or maybe it is to reconcile with your own desires, so as not to embarrass yourself.

Guo Yu, who was determined to lie flat at the age of 28, once wrote this sentence:

"I hope that every day I live is peaceful, stable, fulfilling, able to be with nature, and a very traditional life."

maybe we don't have a chance to do this every day, or at least liberate ourselves properly.

re-examine life, what you want, what you don't want, what you like, what you don't like.

try to dress up simply and do some subtraction to make life simple and transparent.

you know, whatever you want to possess, you are actually possessed.

May you and I both have a full soul and a thin desire after years of training.