A sign that a person is getting stronger: stability
A sign that a person is getting stronger: stability
Life is long, and only by putting stability first can we go long-term.


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as the old saying goes, "knowing stops and then settling down, settling down and then being quiet, being quiet and then settling down, and then worrying and then getting it."

means that the most important thing in life is to be stable, prioritize, and have a beginning and an end.

it can be seen that the sign that a person is getting stronger and stronger is stability.

emotionally stable

someone once said, "A man who can control bad emotions is stronger than a man who can take down a city."

people who are really good know how to control their emotions instead of being trapped by them.

when Huang Bo first filmed the film, he played the role of a robber, and he arrived at the scene early to wait.

when he was ready to shoot, the deputy director looked him up and down with questioning eyes and asked impatiently, "who told you to come? it's pure nonsense."

he was angry and humiliated and wanted to turn around and leave.

but he didn't, but put more heart into the play.

he acted a play in different ways, and the official shooting was all one pass.

the director was so surprised by him that he left his phone number and planned to continue filming with him in the future.

in Huang Bo's acting career, similar things have happened many times, and each time he has been able to control his emotions and turn unhappiness into acting motivation.

although his image is not outstanding, more and more people are looking for him to film, and he continues to make progress, and finally becomes a movie star.

A person's mood is his business card. Only when he is emotionally stable can he make a good impression.

because they understand that great things can be accomplished if small things can be put up with.

A bad mood won't solve the problem, but a good mood can bring good luck.

the road of life is long and rugged. When you are emotionally stable, you will be steady and close to success.

ability is stable

A writer and director once asked Chen Gadfly, a famous producer of CCTV:

"then everyone has gone abroad, why not let me go abroad? I have also made xx films, and my film is also very good."

Chen Gadfly said something like this:

"I measure a director not by your best film, but by your worst film.

what the worst movie looks like, that represents your level.

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the best film may be covered, you said you shot, boom, hit ten rings, Meng.

you hit eight rings with the worst shot, which shows that your level is really high. "

it is not a real skill to do beautiful things occasionally, but hard kung fu to do beautiful things often.

and the so-called ability to be stable is that you have to keep pace with the times in order to stay where you are.

A joke has been circulated in moments:

"physical stores have started WeChat business, and the boss has started takeout. Who the times want to change will not discuss with you at all. "

it is also said in the three-body: I destroy you, it has nothing to do with you.

the times are changing, and the iron rice bowls that we once thought we could carry for a lifetime are gradually being broken.

in the changing days, there is no stable job, only the ability of stability.

"Fluorene desert is invisible and changeable."

things change, and the fame and wealth of the last moment may come to naught the next.

in this life, you never know which direction the black swan of fate will fly from.

knowledge and skills, vision and pattern are the wealth of a lifetime, and at the same time, people can firmly control their fate in their own hands.

the times are developing, and only by constantly learning and improving ourselves can we keep up with the pace of the times and achieve real stability.

act steadily

Confucius once said, "haste makes waste."

you can't just do things fast but not good, but you can't achieve your goal if you are eager for success.

once read a story:

there is a scholar who wants to enter the county seat before the gate closes.

seeing that the sun was about to set, he hurried forward.

as a result, he fell and the books on his back were scattered on the ground. by the time he tied up the books, the gate had been closed.

the scholar sighed: "the world is impatient and self-defeating."

sometimes, the more anxious you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes and get things done without delay.

during the Han Dynasty, there was an official named Zhuo Mao who was tolerant and calm.

at that time, the governance of Mi County was very poor, so the imperial court appointed him as the county magistrate of Mi County, hoping that he would be "under the control of a new official" and changed the appearance of the county in a short time.

but Zhuo Mao stood still and was in no hurry to set up new measures.

everyone laughed at his incompetence, but he still went his own way.

he loves the people like a son, never asks for property, and insists on promoting benevolence and righteousness.

A few years later, Zhuo Mao's governance achieved results. The whole county kept its doors open at night, the roads were not found, and the people loved him very much.

because of his remarkable achievements, the imperial court promoted him to the official position and transferred him to Chang'an.

there is a saying in Sun Tzu's Art of War: "the key to stability is to guard against haste."

people who are eager for quick success and quick profit usually accomplish nothing.

because quantitative change leads to qualitative change, everything should be done step by step.

not impatient, noOnly if you are greedy for merit and play it steadily, can you achieve something in the end.

in the Book of Rites, it says, "Action is steady and far away."

after middle age, you should understand that stability is the best ability of a person.

Life is a long time. Only by putting stability first can we go long.

No one in life can predict the future, everything is changing, as long as it is stable, it will be able to cope with constant changes.

, may you and I become more and more stable, stronger and stronger, move forward slowly all the way to the sun.