5 good habits to enrich yourself
5 good habits to enrich yourself
Everyone's ultimate destination is their own.


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each of us is on the road of spiritual practice all our lives.

in this short period of a few decades, enriching yourself is the best way to practice.

the so-called affluence is not the satisfaction of desire, the luxury of material.

but to form good habits to enrich your body and mind and make your life better.

the life you want is not at the side of others, but at your own feet.

here are 5 good habits to enrich yourself. I hope you can develop them as soon as possible.

do good deeds and bring good fortune

Why do people have to be kind?

the best answer I've ever heard is:

"every man has a torch in his heart, and kindness is that flame."

think about it:

kindness is never about the gain or loss of interests, but the choice of every good man from the bottom of his heart.

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the goodwill you release does not necessarily win the gratitude of the other party, let alone eliminate all the evil deeds in the world.

but what is certain is that this kind thought is enough to nourish your mind and make your soul intrinsically superior to others.

to do good, you are crossing others, but also yourself.

that year, Fan Zhongyan took a fancy to a house in Suzhou.

after Mr. fengshui's calculation, he found that the fengshui of this room is all good, and the descendants who live here will certainly become princes and aristocrats.

if there are others, they must call their families to enjoy themselves.

however, Fan Zhongyan insisted on turning the house into a school, which benefited all the children in Suzhou.

later, wherever Fan Zhongyan went, there must be people with melons and fruits to welcome.

when the four sons grow up, they all have both ability and political integrity, and they are all in the highest position.

Heart breadth and longevity

Lin Qingxuan once had a classic conversation with Zen master.

at that time, Lin Qingxuan was emotionally frustrated, and his mind was full of life and death.

the Zen master advised him, "you, you need practice."

Lin Qingxuan was puzzled: "how to practice?"

the Zen master said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

Lin Qingxuan smiled a wry smile: "to put it simply, who can guarantee that there is nothing else to read?"

the Zen master replied, "it is better to ask for others than to ask for yourself, and it is better to ask for your heart." With a broad heart, every day is a good day and every night is a clear night. "

fate can not be controlled, but the state of mind can be grasped.

the more you worry about things in life, the more you struggle, and the more you struggle, the more painful you are.

when you have something to worry about, you can't hit it hard, you must take advantage of it.

it is often said in the book: "the heart is full of peaches everywhere, where is it not between clouds and water?"

look at the open, you can laugh at the ups and downs, and you can find prosperity in the mediocrity.

those who have a broad heart live a long life and are always happy.

people work hard to raise money

as the old saying goes, "if you do not plant in spring, you will have no harvest in autumn; if you are young, if you are not diligent, you will have nothing to rely on when you are old."

this society is very realistic, there are not so many overnight rich and sit back and enjoy it.

the bright future we aspire to is made up of the present that is steadfast and willing to work.

everyone who has made great achievements has experienced a period of silent cultivation.

you know, industrious hands will always benefit people more than a dreamy brain.

work hard now, and you will have more choices in the future.

the house you want and the clothes you want to buy cannot be realized by sitting at home and waiting to die.

only by taking action can we relieve anxiety, and only by struggling can we be entitled to enjoy it in the future.

A diligent man is not long poor; a lazy man is not long rich.

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