10 habits to make women look better and better (must read)
10 habits to make women look better and better (must read)
Age is never an obstacle to beauty, but a precipitation of charm.





time is easy to pass, but the face is easy to grow old.

in the same life, some women are wasted in time, while others are given special treatment by time.

to be beautiful is the gene, and to live beautifully is the skill.

A woman who is becoming more and more beautiful will always know more about both inside and outside than you can see.

develop these 10 advanced habits, and you can transform into a better yourself without fear of the baptism of the years.


lower expectations and calm down

there is an expectation theory in psychology: happiness = utility /expectation.

to put it simply, the higher the expectation, the less happiness.

the writer Ma de once said:

"I gradually understand why I am not happy, because I always expect a result."

read a book and expect it to make me more profound;

run for a while, expecting it to make me lose weight;

be kind to others and expect to be treated back.

if these preset expectations are realized, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and if not, I will feel sorry for myself. "

the secret of a woman's beauty is never to expect too much of anyone or anything.

in this way, whether it is prosperity or adversity, it is a gift of life, and life is getting more and more comfortable.


skin care, elegant and exquisite

beyond a certain age, a woman's appearance and condition will go downhill, and all kinds of skin problems will follow.

especially after the age of 30, the skin condition can easily reveal a woman's age.

once there was a partner who was in his forties and gave people the impression that he was only in his early thirties.

her skin is clear and her clothes are very elegant.

once I lived with her on a business trip and found that her maintenance habits were very good.

not only do enough moisturizing and sunscreen, but also hold a sunscreen umbrella all the way out.

she said:

"A woman's beauty after the age of 30 is all given by maintenance."

there is no such thing as everlasting youth in this world. If you don't pay attention to maintenance, the most beautiful woman will be defeated by the years.

from now on, do a little thing that dotes on your skin every day.

after doing housework, apply a mask to relax and give yourself a full range of sunscreen before going out.

this is not only a dedication to beauty, but also a love of life.


keep on reading and enrich your heart

the true beauty of women does not lie in the skin, nor in the embellishment of famous brands, but in the richness of the inner world.

Reading is the easiest way to cultivate yourself. It can nourish the soul and make a woman imbued with bookish style.

Bi Shumin said in the woman I like:

"the book is not rouge, but it will make a woman's heart permanent;

Books are not sticks, but they make women sonorous and forceful.

Books are not feathers, but they make women fly.

books are not omnipotent, but they make women ever-changing. "

the best investment in a woman's life is reading.

temperament tempered by knowledge is the best way for wise women to fight against time.

the books you have read are hidden in your temperament and face.

even in old age, the soul still carries its own charming fragrance.


examine the relationship and stop the loss u3000 in time

the writer stays up late and says:

"Life always goes through all kinds of failures, such as going in the wrong direction, loving the wrong person, and choosing the wrong path.

halfway through the journey, love to half a lifetime, if you can stop the loss at the critical moment, it is the great wisdom of life. "

if a woman wants to live a beautiful life, she must have the ability to stop loss in time.

in this way, you can escape the miserable wind and rain and take control of your own life.

it's never too late to turn around and start a new life.

if you don't look back, you can't make do with it for the rest of your life.


mind your own business, regardless of gains and losses

Life is not as good as nine times out of ten. Women who care too much are mostly exhausted and tired physically and mentally.

everyone's concept of life is different, regardless of business, regardless of gains and losses, so that they will not be bothered by trifles.

A person's happiness and happiness is not that she has more, but that she cares less.

Carnegie put it this way:

"nothing ages a woman faster and destroys her appearance than worry!"

Women should have uncompetitive wisdom in this life.

in this way, in the world of mortals, we can have a smile to see the state of mind of Yunjuanyunshu in front of the court.


travel regularly and broaden your horizons

there is such a problem on Zhihu:

"what can women do to avoid being surrounded by oil, salt and vinegar?"

A high praise replied:

"regular travel, short escape."

many women are trapped in family chores, and travel is the best way to increase their knowledge and broaden their worldview.

only by walking through the world and seeing the magnificence of mountains and rivers can we truly understand that life is not only what we have in front of us, but also that we have never been there before.The poem and the distance.

the secret of keeping a young face is to keep yourself on the road forever.

A woman who travels a lot knows how to use the scenery on the road to brush off the hustle and bustle of life.

the mountains and seas you have seen, the roads you have traveled, the mountains you have climbed, and the people you have met will all blend into your blood and become the courage of the future.


appreciate yourself and stop self-PUA

do you often have this confusion:

if a thing is not done well, it will fall into the predicament of self-negation;

it is obvious that it is not his own fault, but he still habitually apologizes first.

this is actually the self-"PUA" in psychology, as well as mental internal friction.

everyone is unique. Learning to appreciate yourself is the best cosmetics for women.

A woman's life should never be defined by others.

it's hard for a woman who can't see herself to be happy.

Learning to appreciate yourself is the beginning of being beautiful.


get along with each other equally and seek perfection without grievance

if you run a relationship, you can't just please each other and get a good ending.

to please others means to let yourself down.

cousin has an experience:

she married early, waited on her parents-in-law and did all kinds of housework.

when her husband lost his temper with her, she flattered her humbly; when her mother-in-law made things difficult for her, she smiled submissively.

when the newly bought bag was carried away by my sister-in-law, although my cousin was reluctant to give up, she did not refuse.

I asked her why she was so wronged, and my cousin said:

"I don't want the family to be unhappy because of their own affairs, so that they can put up with it."

however, compromise did not get sincere treatment, and my cousin ended up in divorce.

A relationship cannot be accomplished by grievance and repression.

the most beautiful appearance of a woman is not to please and accommodate, but to persevere in her heart.


the sweeter the smile, the more beautiful life is

as the saying goes:

"Women who love to laugh will not have too bad luck."

Women who love to laugh have a sunny heart, and their hearts are often full of positive energy.

while they manage their lives well, they can also influence the people around them with their own smiles.

when you get along with them, you will feel relaxed and happy.

A person who loves life and smiles will naturally be in a different state of mind.

if the heart is sunny, there is no fear of sadness.

May you be a smiling woman for the rest of your life.

in the years without delay, smile the most beautiful appearance.


master a skill and be on your own

once saw a poignant talk from a netizen, which was very touching:

"before I got married, my husband said to support me. After I got married, I resigned and became a stay-at-home mother for my children.

regard others as your own support, and you can only look at others' faces and let others take care of them.

on the contrary, those women who have a skill tend to have full strength because they have sufficient financial ability.

actress Liu Mintao is such a big woman that she can return to her family and marry her husband and daughter at the peak of her career.

later, when something happened in her marriage, she was able to turn around and return to the screen and become popular again.

there is a sentence in the book "Women take their time when they are strong":

"Freedom, calmness, calmness and elegance all come from independence.

it makes you not attached to others, not afraid of the future, and it is also the strength that you will never be able to use. "

the best thing a woman can rely on is not marriage, but herself.

to master a skill is to give yourself one more way out of the ever-changing life.

Madame Curie once said:

"the mother's heredity can be blamed for not being beautiful at the age of 17;

I am still not beautiful after the age of 30. I can only blame myself for not injecting new things into life in the long days. "

the true beauty and delicacy of a woman is the temperament and state emitted from the inside out.

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Age is never a hindrance to beauty, but a precipitate to charm.

if a woman wants to be more and more beautiful, she must constantly invest in herself and accept herself.

I hope every woman can develop these 10 advanced habits, live a calm and exquisite life, and live out her own light.